Friday, December 17, 2010


Huh.. i was really upset yesterday.. But now.. i can control my feeling... My mud is awesome.. Thankz to lihin my darl and syahiir (big) for helping me control my feeling. Not to forget to farehah.. She also help me to calm myself.. It's tired actly mad  at people,.. So damn it..n forget it..  kpd y ade terase ke.. xde niat un.. aku minx maaf.. be gentleman k.. I'm gonna ignore je.. Skunk un da k da.. Malas nak amek berat sal bende neh..  Enjoy the life.. Watpe nak serabutkan otak ngan bende xde function sume neh.. Waste my time.. Smile guys.. no need to worried about.. As long as Allah is by our side..everything can be settle of... 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I HaTe WhAt I FeeL RigHt Now...

Bile kite anggap seseorang tue macam kawan baek.. Tapi, orang tue langsung x ingat kita.. What the f***.. sedey rasenye.. Kawan da lame.. Tapi bile study same skunk.. die wt ignore.. n most of all.. he even dare lie to me.. macam la aku xatu ko tipu aku dulu.. time skola gak.. But, i don't want to say bad things about u.. cause i love u like my frens..if i know that i will feel like this damn right now.. i won't accept the uitm study offer.. i would love to take matrik.. no one knows me there.. that's much better.. I'm so sad when thinking about u.. Seriously.. u change a lot..ur cloth..ur behave.. i don't know why.. is it because the environment.. n ur frens.. I want to see u the one when we school together.. i never forget about u.. i even care about u...  I hope u realize u feel what i feel rite now my dear...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today.. my family had a great lunch.. that is.. "sate daging".. Actly, tue daging korban.. hehe.. Tapi sodap lorh.. mak da peram 1 malam menggunakan kemahiran memasak nyer y superb.. ^.^
Then.kitorang panggang sate tue.. sowie la yer, xde gambar mase nga bakar.. juz after finish, i then remember  to take some photo for diz blog.. huhu.. Then, this is it..
But.. because of eating that sate too much (maybe).. i had teeth pain.. huhu.. tapi berbaloi la dapat makan sedap..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


succesfully manage to set up my new URL.. don't like the old one actly..  My day, i think will go on like alwayz.. but.. can't go to k.l.. such a sucks thing.. don't know what's going on.. Huh.. Btw.. thankz k to syira n irna.. for helping me manage my blog.. such a proud things..

Moment of...

1st time tulis blog.. actly baru buat.. agak teruja.. Thanks kat irna hanis a.k.a gebang cz tolong aku wt blog neh.. hoply,, i'll alwayz update my blog so that it won't boring the readers and also myself .. hahaha